Finally. Lower Medicare Supplement Insurance rates that reward healthy lifestyles.


Seniors with healthy lifestyles are often overpaying for Medicare Supplement

Living a healthy lifestyle is associated with lower rates of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—so it just makes sense that you should pay less.

Early Death Risk: A high Health IQ is correlated with a 36% lower risk of early death.

Heart Disease Risk: An active lifestyle is associated with a 50% lower risk of heart disease.

Stroke Risk: Stroke Risk: An active lifestyle is associated with a 53% lower risk of stroke.

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Health IQ is the only company that rewards health literate seniors with special rates

Health IQ has access to rates that no other agency has. With Health IQ, seniors can save up to $2,477 over the average time they keep their Medicare Supplement policy.

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Up to 91% of healthy seniors could save money by switching with Health IQ

It pays to switch. Why? The lowest rate plan last year isn’t always the lowest now. Policy premiums in most states go up each year, but not at the same rate for all carriers. Unless you're in an open enrollment or guaranteed issue period, only those in good health can switch plans.

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Answer Health Questions

Establish your level of health to save up to 26% on your new Medicare Supplement plan

Prove Your Health Literacy

Score Elite on the Health IQ Quiz to unlock an additional 6% savings*


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We will shop our special rates against the top carriers to ensure the rate you get is our best rate for your specific situation.

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